VILLEGOlps is your supplier and producer based in IJsselstein Holland. Arend Katan designed together with Alan Mossman and En& the original simulation. Also he develops new kits and still operates as a facilitator. Together with our partners VILLEGOlps continuously improves the simulation. Also VILLEGOlps develops the simulation (sometimes on request) in other languages.


En& – Systems thinking at work is a Consultancy that helps organizations in a variety of sectors to change their systems – to improve the way work works – from a holistic perspective. Andree de Miranda is designer and facilitator as well as projectconsultant.

The Change Business

The Change Business (TCB) was a UK based project-based production consultancy (Alan Mossman Last Planner® Consultant) with a focus on coaching teams involved in design and construction. TCB operated worldwide. Alan Mossman is in person still active as sparring partner for improvements.

BOB bv

BOB bv is the leading Education Institute for management in the Construction Industry in The Netherlands. The services, education, training and consultancy of BOB bv are aimed at development of people and organizations in all sectors of the construction industry in The Netherlands. BOB bv has transferred all rights to VILLEGOlps

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