Villego®, the Last Planner Simulation is available now

Villego® is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Russian. Hungarian, Dutch, Japanese are available, but not in the shop yet. The instruction manual for trainers is always in English.

The price for a single Villego® set in each language is €1.400 The price for two sets in one order in the same language is €2.310 for three sets in one order €3.087 and for four sets in one order €3.808 These prices exclude VAT on orders from within the EU and shipping. If you want to order more than four sets in the same language at once, please contact us.

For a list of the contents of a Villego® kit and the additional items you will need see here.

Villego® is available for purchase by:

  • Organizations involved in project-based production including construction and design, IT, Engineering;
  • Universities, colleges and industry training organizations;
  • Consultants with extensive experience and knowledge of Last Planner® System®

VILLEGOlps is your supplier.

Training Lean Management

Voor Nederland en Nederlandstalig België verzorgt BOB bv trainingen Lean Management in de bouw waar Villego® onderdeel van uitmaakt. U kunt zich individueel voor de training aanmelden, maar de trainingen kunnen ook in-company gegeven worden. Kijk op voor meer informatie of om u aan te melden.

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