Workshop simulation


Villego® is run in two rounds. In each round participants build a house. In round one participants plan the way they normally do. Following a progressive introduction to LPS, in round two they plan and build again with the new lean way. In this way participants are able to compare data collected in round one with that from round two so that they can appreciate the benefits that Last Planner® brings.


The process takes about five hours in total.

It is possible, for instance in the context of a university course or an in-house lunch & learn, to run Villego® over three 90-100 minute sessions, but we recommend running for a whole day – at least 5 hours – if possible.

We use Villego® as part of an introduction to Lean as well as Last Planner®. On day one we run Villego® Round 1 followed by an introduction to lean and use another simulation for that. Villego® Round 2 is the centrepiece of day two.

Number of participants

One kit is sufficient for between seven and fourteen participants.

Number of facilitators

At least one per kit.

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