User experience

I have been teaching and implementing the Last Planner® System on projects for over 10 years. In my opinion, the Villego® simulation does the best job of clearly demonstrating the value of collaborative planning and project execution using the principles of the Last Planner® System. I now use this simulation in my lean construction/LPS boot camps to ‘get the attention’ of the group as to what is possible by putting a project on the LPS.

John Draper, P.E.

Associate Principal, Lean Project Consulting, Inc.

Thanks again, I ran the simulation and I have never seen adults having so much fun!

Kyle Woody, CCM, CHC

Gardner Builders

People liked the Villego® simulation a lot. They were enthusiastic about Villego® as a hands-on learning tool for learning the practice of lean construction and pull planning.
Thank you for developing this remarkable simulation. I find it far more useful than any other simulation of pull planning

Tom Robinson, Ph. D.

JWA Consulting

I personally like the Villego® simulation used as a part of John Draper’s/Lean Project Consultant’s boot camp format because Villego® helps general foreman quickly understand the Last Planner® System (LPS) and gets them all engaged in using the full Last Planner® System on our project. I think everyone understands the concepts for production planning sooner and begin using new behaviors and processes sooner than when we start up the Last Planner® System without running the Villego® simulation

Jay Facemire

Project Superintendent, Turner Construction Co.

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