Get hands-on Last Planner® experience with

the Villego® Last Planner® Simulation

The Challenge

Getting all key players on the project to learn and understand Last Planner® basics in one day max.

The Solution

Using the Villego simulation helps all the key players understand Last Planner® basics and provides them with a shared reference point.

LPS for small and big projects

used on largest project in Europe: Heathrow terminal 5


improvement in rebuilding times for runways


reduce programmes


promises completed


fewer accidents

Get hands-on Last Planner® experience with Villego®

The Last Planner® System (LPS) will help you build safer, faster, better, cheaper and more predictably in comparison to traditional/current ways of project management. Those who already use Last Planner, know that to make LPS really work, it’s important for all involved to understand how and why it works.

Learning LPS on the job is the most effective way to learn, but it takes time. Using the Villego® simulation helps all key players understand LPS basics and gives them a shared reference point:

• your employees,
• your subcontractors’ staff,
• other project participants and
• customers and clients.

With new people on every project, the challenge is to build that understanding quickly and thoroughly.

As part of a kick-off workshop, the Villego® simulation:
• shows the differences between the old way and the new, lean way
• enables participants to experience the essence of Last Planner®
• demonstrates the benefits of making and keeping promises
• helps build the project team
• develops understanding of how each participant benefits

Villego® is a registered trademark of  VILLEGOlps. Villego® materials are copyright. Last Planner® is a registered trademark of the Lean Construction Institute It is also known as ‘collaborative planning’, ‘lean planning’ or ‘workface planning’.

VILLEGOlps is your supplier.

Villego simulation

Using the Villego® simulation to teach the Last Planner® System

Using the Villego simulation to teach the Last Planner System

Interested In Working With Villego?

People liked the Villego simulation a lot. They were enthusiastic about Villego as a hands-on learning tool for learning the practice of lean construction and pull planning.
Thank you for developing this remarkable simulation. I find it far more useful than any other simulation of pull planning.
Tom Robinson

JWA Consulting

I personally like the Villego simulation used as a part of John Draper’s/Lean Project Consultant’s boot camp format because Villego helps general foreman quickly understand the Last Planner® System (LPS) and gets them all engaged in using the full Last Planner System on our project. I think everyone understands the concepts for production planning sooner and begin using new behaviors and processes sooner than when we start up the Last Planner System without running the Villego simulation.
Jay Facemire

Turner Construction Co.

I have been teaching and implementing the Last Planner© System on projects for over 10 years. In my opinion, the Villego simulation does the best job of clearly demonstrating the value of collaborative planning and project execution using the principles of the Last Planner System. I now use this simulation in my lean construction/LPS boot camps to ‘get the attention’ of the group as to what is possible by putting a project on the LPS.
John Draper, P.E.

Lean Project Consulting, Inc.

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